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May 07, 2021  

As a result, costs spiked for many employers. Suzanne Murphy, CEO of Springfield’s Unemployment Tax Control Associates,  told MassLive  last week that the change effectively doubled her overall employer contribution rate. Bob Luz, president of the Massachusetts Restaurant Association, said a small catering company on Cape Cod saw a $15,000 annual increase in unemployment taxes due to the solvency assessment jump. “This sort of surprised everybody,” Luz said. “It’s almost like it was the fine print.” Christopher Carlozzi, state director for the National Federation of Independent Business, said some NFIB members are finding any savings they expected to realize thanks to the rate schedule freeze to be “totally overridden” by the higher solvency rate. “It does seem like there was some neglect on the regulators side to not red flag that the solvency assessment was going to become such a big portion of the bill,” Carlozzi told the News Service. NFIB, the Mass. Restaurant Association, the Retailers Association of Massachusetts and other business groups signed a  letter  to Baker on Friday imploring the administration to redirect federal stimulus funding from the CARES Act or American Rescue Plan toward the unemployment system to reduce the burden on businesses. More than 250,000 jobs could be lost permanently in Massachusetts The Baker administration did not comment on the record in response to the letter. An offical who spoke only on background said the administration is examining the issue and that the Department of Unemployment Assistance does not have discretion to set the solvency rate because it is computed according to statute. Asked about that comment, Jehlen replied that the rate schedule that lawmakers froze is also a function of state law. “That’s in statute, too, and we fixed that because they asked us to. They filed legislation twice, and they did not include the solvency. We will have to do it,” she said. In a Retailers Association email on Friday, the group wrote, “The assessment, which normally pays certain socialized system costs like dependency allowances and claims from businesses that have closed, is now being utilized to cover COVID-related layoffs in a socialized, non-experience rated manner.” Arguing for the use of recovery funds to address the problem, retailers said assessment costs are “primarily the result of state and federal government decisions to enhance and expand UI benefits and shut down private business operations during the pandemic” and “it is only fair that government take on a shared responsibility in this manner.” Jehlen did not say specifically what kind of legislative fix she wants to see. Federal funding could play a partial role, she said, but she cautioned against leaning too heavily on that option. “We are ready and willing to talk about this and figure out a solution,” she said.


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Freeland v. Escanaba In a 6-4 win in the second game, Mendham got the final three outs to earn the save. Austin Kirby struck out four, allowing one hit in two innings to earn the win in Millington’s 9-5 win over Unionville-Sebewaing. Kirby also led the offense with two hits. St. Louis earned a doubleheader sweep, beating Harrison 21-6 and 13-7 in the season-opening doubleheader. Luke Maxwell was 5-for-6 with five RBIs for the Sharks, with Trae Garcia adding four hits and four RBIs. Thomas Zacharko had three hits, three walks and five RBIs. Zoey Markey was 5-for-7 with a two-run homer, and Evelynn Rybicki was 4-for-6 with a two-run homer as Freeland finished second in the Eaton Rapids Invitational. Freeland beat Otisville-LakeVille, 20-5, and lost to Eaton Rapids, 7-4. In a Thursday game, Cadence Swartz threw a two-hit shutout in a 16-0 win over Heritage. Lauren Borsenik was 7 of 8 with four RBIs for Bullock Creek in a doubleheader against Shepherd, while Sydney Borsenik went 5-for-7 with three RBIs and three runs scored, adding a complete-game win as a pitcher. Allie Young also had five hits with two doubles for the Lancers. Lydia Back scored two goals for Freeland in a 5-0 win over Bay City John Glenn in the season-opener. Megan Hemgesberg, Megan Reimer and Catherine Mueller had the other goals, with Hope Kloha and Molly Hemgesberg notching assists and Avery Seeburger earning the win in goal with five saves. Ithaca freshman Emily Ahearn scored three goals and added an assist to lead Ithaca to a 6-1 win over Shepherd. Sydney Marcy, Jenna Cantu and Mariah Poff also scored goals, with Marcy and Poff adding assists. Anna O’Boyle made five saves in goal for Ithaca. Millington tied a school record for goals in a game, with a 13-2 win Friday over Genesee.